Tim Coulston is an accomplished entrepreneur with 20 years of experience across multiple business sectors. Initially building his career in the hospitality industry, Tim began working with multiple globally recognised hotel brands. He then moved towards high-volume restaurants and bars before taking on nightclubs and various public houses across the North West, UK.

 Aside from developing a passion for food and beverage, working in the hospitality sector installed a drive to succeed, gain results, and a relentless work ethic which saw Tim open his first restaurant at 27.


In 2018, Tim incorporated Nibble, a company initially set up to provide marketing advice to restaurateurs and hoteliers. True to character, when Nibble expanded in 2019, Tim acquired a failing public house converting the space above into offices for his growing marketing team, whilst transforming the business below into a near seven-figure success and continued to expand Nibble’s client list.

 As the world struggled to battle COVID-19, Tim managed to successfully steer Nibble through the pandemic and added three divisions to the company. Nibble transformed into Nibble Corporation – a modern-day holding company housing: NibbleMedia, NibbleManagement, Nibble Property, and Nibble Interiors.

A proud alumnus of Manchester Metropolitan University's triple accredited business school, one of 90 in the world, Tim continued as a speaker for the university frequently assisting lecturers of the Hospitality and Business schools. Additionally, Tim provides a range of support and mentoring services to students including career guidance and placements.  

Outside the office, Tim has featured in various publications, delivers keynote speeches, and partakes in industry events and panel discussions providing thought-provoking commentary and insight into the latest trending topics and news surrounding the hospitality, marketing, and business sectors.